Saturday, January 2, 2010

What does Serbia aspire for in 2010?

By Stevan V. Nikolic
Belgrade, Jan. 1, 2010 (Serbia Today) – New Years Eve is often the time to review last year’s events and to make resolutions for the next. How did Serbia do in 2009, and what does it aspire for in 2010?

In Politics the Serbian government enters the New Year with an uncertain parliamentary majority. Leaders of the ruling coalition claim that their majority is stable and will not require early general elections. On the other hand opposition parties led by the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) assert that the present government coalition is under too much pressure, and that it will break apart in 2010, opening the door for early elections. Victory at the polls would give the opposition an opportunity to form a new and “progressive” coalition government. That remains to be seen. What seems certain is that the announced layoff of 3500 government employees will prompt reconstruction of the government to include a smaller number of Ministers. Part of the government’s New Year’s resolution to the IMF is that the number of government employees will be reduced to 28,400 in 2010.

In Economy & Investments Fiat’s investment in the Kragujevac auto industry will give a great boost to Serbia’s industrial complex. Production of the Punto model will double to 30,000 in 2010. The Union of Kragujevac Auto Workers has announced that over 2,000 workers will soon sign a contract with Fiat Auto Serbia. Unfreezing the Transitional Trade Agreement with the EU and Fiat’s expansion may well motivate other big EU companies to consider investing in Serbia. To increase its marketing efforts the government assigned “Economic Diplomats” to 28 Serbian Embassies with the instructions to introduce to potential foreign investors the many possibilities of doing business in Serbia. The construction of the new Bridge “Zemun-Borca” will begin this year, and 100km of the new Corridor 10 Highway should be completed during the year. Of course, the government is confidently claiming that Serbia will overcome the economic crisis in 2010.
In Banking and Finances the National Bank of Serbia projects annual inflation of 6%, plus or minus 2%. It is expected that euro will stay under 100 dinars. Diana Dragutinovic, Minister of Finance, said it was possible that public spending would be stabilized even without raising taxes.

In Society the price of electricity will go up 10 % by the end of March, while the price of gas will decrease.Pensions will be frozen at the level of last year. The government announced that 2.5 billion dinars will be set aside for low interest housing loans. Low cost foreign airlines will finally start flying to and from Serbia. Visa liberalization opened door to seasonal employment in the EU for many unemployed Serbs. As to expected, both EU and Serbian governments are not commenting on this issue. Serbia has submitted its official application for EU membership and expects to receive a standard EU Questionnaire with 4000 questions. The last two Hague Tribunal war crime fugitives will, unfortunately, be an issue for Serbia in 2010. The Holy Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church will assemble at the end of January to elect a new Patriarch in place of the Patriarch Pavle who passed away in December. In February a new wave of the H1N1 flu is expected in Serbia.

In Arts & Culture Serbia contributed in 2009 more than many richer and more developed countries. Music and film festivals, exhibitions, concerts, book fairs, and theater performances of international significance occur in Serbia year after year, regardless of political or economical conditions. It is amazing to how Serbian artists are able to create quality art on very low budgets. One eagerly anticipates the many cultural events taking place in 2010 in Serbia such as FEST (the International Film Festival in Belgrade); EXIT (the International Music Festival in Novi Sad); BITEF (the International Theater Festival in Belgrade); BEMUS (the International Classical Music Festival in Belgrade); ULUS October Salon (the Annual Art Exhibition of the Serbian Art Association); the Belgrade Book Fair; and Beer Fest (the Summer Music Festival).

In Sports the Serbian National Soccer Team qualified for the World Cup, and will play in South Africa in June in a group with Ghana, Australia, and Germany. The Serbian Basketball team will compete in the World Championship in Turkey. Serbian professional tennis stars, men and women, are on the top of the international charts. And in 2010, as in many years preceding, tennis clubs throughout Serbia nurture and mature a new generation of tennis champions.

A lot has happened in the year 2009. For some it was positive, for others negative. Some are richer, others poorer. All of us, certainly, are a year older. Some of us, possibly, a little wiser. But all of us can aspire for a happier, healthier, and more prosperous Serbia in the year 2010.

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